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Brandnew connects brands with the world’s most influential users to deliver campaigns in a native setting on Instagram and Pinterest.

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Bringing brands and influencers together on photo sharing platforms

As an Advertiser we tailor campaigns to best suit your needs and achieve your goals

As an Influencer we offer you campaign opportunities and provide statistics of your registered social media profiles

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Brandnew has established an ever-growing network of influential social media users with reach across diverse verticals.

Currently our network is the largest global network of its kind, providing the ideal match for every brand.

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Collaborate with brands you like and earn money by doing what you love.

Join Us

Register your account to become part of Brandnew’s global influencer network.

Choose Campaigns

Get invited to take part in campaigns with your favorite brands and choose the ones that are most relevant to you and your style.

Earn Money

Earn money by sharing photos and promoting brands. Payments are based on a number of factors including campaign complexity, your number of followers and engagement rate of your account.

"We have worked with Brandnew IO in several campaigns mainly focused on Instagram. What we like about working with Brandnew is their professional approach while as a blogger we keep our artistic freedom."

Negin and Maurits - @negin_mirsalehi

"Brandnew knows how to connect advertisers and Instagramers with creative campaigns which are handled very professionally. They always respect the creative process and voice of photographers, therefore the results can be both commercial and artistic at the same time.”

Marion - @ladyvenom

"Working with Brandnew has always been a pleasure. As a blogger, it is important for me to always meet my readers interest and Brandnew always gave me freedom of decision, which made working with them a delight."

Luisa - @luisalion



Francis Trapp

CEO & Founder

Łukasz Łażewski

CTO & Founder

Maciek Książek

Senior Developer

Mariusz Pikula

Senior Developer

Anita Jaszewska

Junior Developer

Dominik Zborowski

Frontend Developer

Florian Weixelbaumer

Media Agency Relations Manager

Sylvia Matzkowiak

Advertiser Relations Manager

Daniela Rosca

Advertiser Relations & Campaign Management Trainee

Saoirse Coghlan

Influencer Manager

Gracie Roberts

Campaign Manager

Philippa Russell

HR Manager


How does it work?

We connect brands with influential users on social media platforms and have curated the largest global influencer network. If you want to join us then simply apply and we will review your profile to see if it's a good fit.

As an influencer you receive a Brandnew account and this allows us to match you to campaigns and provide analytics of your Instagram account etc. It also stores your contact and payment details.

Once we have the perfect campaign for you, we will invite you via email to paticipate and you can choose to accept or decline.

What do the campaigns look like?

We work with various campaigns types and are constantly developing new, creative ways to deliver brand messages to followers. Depending on the campaign, you could receive a photo to share on your feed, be sent products which you can photograph in your own style or take part in storytelling campaigns, allowing you to get creative.

Why does my Instagram account have to be linked?

Linking your account with the Brandnew app allows us to keep you up to date with analytics and statistics of your Instagram. It also means we can track your participation in campaigns by reading likes and comments of campaign posts.

Will I lose control of my Instagram account?

Not at all. You will always have full control of your Instagram account, as we will have read-only access when you authorize your account. It’s totally up to you which campaigns you'd like to be part of and which photos you're willing to share.

How do I get paid?

Payments are processed using PayPal and within 30 days of the campaign end date. For this, we require your full name and address and PayPal details to be saved to your Brandnew account.

Influencer payments are based on your number of followers, number of campaign photos to be shared and the complexity of the campaign. Payments details are always clarified in the initial campaign invite and can vary from 20 USD to several 1000 USD depanding on the campaign type.

Is it for free for me?

Yes, it’s totally free to be part of the Brandnew influencer network. In addition to your free account, we also provide you with statistics about your Instagram account.

Can I work with Brandnew if I am under 18?

Yes, you can. If you are under 18 and wish to take part in a campaign, you need to have the permission of your legal guardian. We will send you a letter which you would need to have signed and return to us.

Which brands do you work with?

We work with a list of well-known brands from various industries, such as fashion, design, automotive and lifestyle. We've worked with brands like adidas, Lufthansa, smart, Esprit, Mercedes, bebe More, Coca Cola, Ford, Asos and Uber, and we're always working hard to keep our list of clients growing and expanding.